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Laughing Margarita

Cocktail Trolleyd Laughing Margarita Bee Mead

Quick infused N02 tequila with foraged flavour (we used green Peruvian Pepper Berries & Damiana). To infuse, add all ingredients into soda syphon & charge with NO2 cartridge.


20 ml Lemon Myrtle syrup  

25 ml fresh lemon juice

60 ml infused tequila 

Shake ingredients well and strain into chilled Margarita glass.

cocktail recipe laughing margarita trolleyd mobile bar NO2

to make foam:

Blitz up 20g of soy lecithin with 300ml Honey & Spice Bee Mead, charge in a cream whipper to top the drink.

Trolleyd laughing margarita cocktail lemon myrtle