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Quandong, Mulberry Leaf & Olsson's Smoked Red Gum Salt Cleanser

Quandong, Mulberry Leaf & Olsson's smoked Red Gum Salt Cleanser

This tasty little concoction has been put together to launch the new Smoked Red Gum Salt by our good friends over at Olsson's. If you think the name is a bit of a tongue twister you wait till you wrap your lips around the ingredients. 

20ml Quandong infused Tequila, smoked

30ml Four Pillars Shiraz gin

15ml grapefruit juice

120ml Culture Clubbing riberry & myrtle kombucha *recipe to come

Mulberry leaf & Olsson's Red Wood Gum smoked salt foam.



Allow mulberry leaves to steep in boiled water (500ml) until cool.

Add 3 bar spoons of smoked salt, stir.

Pour into bulbinator and add the whites of 4 eggs.

Shake well, charge and set aside in ice.


The tequila has been infusing with Quandongs we foraged from Mendooran for about a month before it was strained. It was then smoked with eucalyptus leaf,  the E.gunnii, a leaf favourable for smoking ceremony.


Chill the glass.

Add all except the foam in cocktail tin, roll over ice back & fourth between tins to chill & aerate. Shaking with kombucha is never a good idea.

Strain into chilled glass, dispense foam on surface of drink, sip and enjoy.