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Taste Of Coogee Festival 2013

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Last week we mixed cocktails for the Inaugural Taste of Coogee Festival.  

Here we setup our bar on the grassy knoll next to the beach, carried our first class chairs down there and banged out Rock 'n' Roll from our Jambox while mixing tasty boozy refreshments. 

It was a great day all round, well organised, reminiscent of events in the old days where you could just wonder from the beach or the shops and have a drink or something to eat without being hassled by security guards, high fences and a whole heap of red tape.  

It was great listening to the Martini Club bang out beats to the sunset, then the wind came and blew everybody away to recovery. Let's hope this keeps up and it stays easy for punters to have fun. 

A little bit on us mentioned in the Southern Courier

A little bit on us mentioned in the Southern Courier