Economy class booking.

Bar in and out including start up syrups for the Organic Native Trolley’d Economy cocktails, glass hire and clean    $550 for first bar booked.

Cocktail Bar Staff   $50 p/h.

Optional Waiter $40 p/h.

Specialty Syrups $Free 1 bottle of each (makes about 26 drinks) comes with economy package.

Sex in the Bush, Lemon Balm Daquiri and Aussie Kalimotxo Trolley'd mixers.

Additional Bars   $250 per bar.

Additional Syrups   $35 per bottle.


Business Class Booking. 

Bigger events and corporate functions, in and out with staff and Trolleys tailored for size and scope of your function. Quoted individually per event, above rates are a guide but full service and alcohol organised as part of the Business Class package. 

First Class  Booking.

Get in touch to find out what we can offer for your First Class Event or private party. Boutique bookings include top shelf options, premium cocktails, matching drinks with food, and much more.